Welcome to Rilhia.com!

Welcome to Rilhia.com! This website focuses on Data Integration and Application Integration using Talend technologies. Living in a new "age of context" it is imperative that all businesses make the most out of all of their data. Big businesses have been making data work for them for some time using expensive tools and consultants to maximise profits, save time, reveal new revenue streams and free up man hours for creativity. Now with the emergence of Open Source tools in this domain like Talend's applications, it is the time for small businesses and individuals to make their data work for them.

The purpose of Rilhia.com is as a resource for Talend solutions/tutorials/discussions that are not your usual, often somewhat dry, business oriented examples. I believe that the best way to learn a new technology is to find a personal use for it. ETL and ESB don't immediately appear to be areas in which there are many personal uses. However, in our data, Internet Of Things (IOT), social media driven world, it is clear to me that ETL and ESB can potentially be as useful at home as they are at work. Forget your "Hello World" examples/tutorials and think more along the lines of linking Twitter to your Sonos speakers. Learn by creating something useful at home and take the lessons you have learnt back to the office.

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