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What Talend Data Integration/ESB tutorials would you like?

One thing many sites that offer tutorials do, is to supply tutorials for things that the site administrator knows how to do or wants to show off. That's great if you want to know that information. But more often than not when I am looking for information, I find it very hard to find tutorials that suit my needs. The intention of this site is to talk about all things Data Integration and Application Integration (primarily ESB), with a focus on the Talend products.

What problems do you have with your data?

One of the biggest obstacles in solving issues with computer systems is actually pin-pointing the real cause. The underlying issue. Many times individual symptoms will be identified and then tackled without understanding the cause of those symptoms. Sometimes this will work, but often it doesn't work for long and the underlying issue finds another way of causing disruption. Big businesses usually have a plethora of business analysts and hire in consultants to try and solve these problems. They can, because they have a big business budget.